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About YAF

What we are 

The Youth Advocacy Foundation was established in 2001 with the mission of protecting and advancing the legal and human rights of children in order to promote their healthy development through active partnerships with local communities. The Foundation vigorously defends the rights and promotes the well-being of court-involved children, and helps them grow into health and productive members of our society by ensuring that every child has access to zealous legal representation, essential and vibrant community-based services, and a quality education.

Today, the Youth Advocacy Foundation (YAF) has been tasked with supporting the Youth Advocacy Division initiatives. By raising additional resources, YAF is able to support aspects of the comprehensive advocacy model that are not currently funded by the state of Massachusetts. In past years, YAF has dedicated their attention to programs such as the EdLaw Project, Raise the Age, Juvenile Life Without Parole, and ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

Our objective at YAF is to help children at times when the need for advocacy is most critical. We are working hard to decrease the risk of chronic court involvement and increase the chance that young people will grow into responsible, caring adults. Our hope is a future in which all youth can enjoy full rights and protections of a fair and equitable justice system.