Youth Advocacy Foundation YAF

Joseph L. Kociubes

Former Partner, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

For the past three decades Joe has been one of the most important leaders in the Boston legal community.  He was a highly sought after trial lawyer with Bingham McCutchen LLP (now part of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius). He is a long-time Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.  For several decades, publications including Best Lawyers of America, Super Lawyers of New England, Chambers USA, and other rating publications have listed Joe as a leading lawyer.  For people looking to hire the best, Joe was always at the top of the list.


In addition to his legal practice, Joe is committed to serving the community through various work in the pro bono community. Over the years, he has served as President of the Boston Bar Association;  spent decades as a Director of Greater Boston Legal Services, the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, the Volunteer Lawyers Project, and the North Bennet St. School in Boston; he served as pro bono General Counsel to the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation and to the ACLU of Massachusetts; and for the last ten years he has served as a member of the Committee for Public Counsel Services.


When Joe agrees to take on one of these roles, he doesn’t just attend meetings and go through the motions.  He leads committees, he volunteers to take on new initiatives, he leads litigation efforts, and he is always available to give advice.  We were lucky to meet Joe when, as a prelude to becoming the BBA President, he decided to get to know more about all of the courts.  He came to meet with us to learn about juvenile defense and, ever since, has been there with legal, financial, and managerial advice and with connections to resources. Joe is somebody who gives lawyers a good name and inspires many lawyers to devote their time and energy to pro bono activities. The Massachusetts legal community and the Youth Advocacy Foundation are far better because of Joe’s support, guidance, and thoughtfulness and we are thrilled to honor him tonight!